Android 15 Developer Preview could launch as soon as tomorrow!


We’re sure many of you are probably eagerly anticipating the next major Android update. In this case, it is Android 15. The public release is probably set for the later part of 2024, but the developer preview of Android 15 could actually launch as soon as tomorrow!

This is according to a comment posted on the AOSP page by a Google developer. According to the developer, the first preview is scheduled for the 15th of February. This actually makes sense because the Android 14 Developer Preview was released on the 8th of February in 2023. If anything, the Android 15 Developer Preview is actually “late”.

While there is plenty to be excited about for the next major Android update, keep in mind that this is only a preview. This release is geared towards developers who might need to start getting their apps ready for the update and ensure compatibility. It also gives them a taste of some of the new features that they can take advantage of.

Another thing that you should note is that features found in the preview might not make the final cut. We’ve seen this plenty of times over the years where Google cut out features at the last minute. In the meantime, some potential Android 15 features include users being able to manually archive unused apps. There could also be a new setup feature that makes it easier for Android newbies.

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