Android 15 could come with a newbie-friendly feature


If you’ve used Android for a long time, then you’re probably very familiar with the interface and how to use it. For those less tech savvy, using a new phone or new platform can be confusing. This is something Google is looking to correct in a new feature that’s coming to Android 15.

An APK teardown by Android Authority has revealed that a new feature in Android 15 could make using Android a lot easier for newbies. This comes in the form of a feature called “easy pre-set”. Basically what it does is it optimizes the Android UI for improved readability and ease of navigation. It will enlarge icons and text and make it more contrasty and bolder.

This is great for users who might have vision issues, or older folks whose eyesight might not be as good as before. This isn’t a groundbreaking feature per se. Other Android OEMs have similar features, but it’s good to see it part of base Android. It will make it easier for other OEMs to implement if they don’t have the feature already.

The feature isn’t live yet but it is speculated that it could be part of the Android 15 update. Google will most likely launch the developer preview of Android 15 next month. The public release will take place towards the end of the year, so we should have more details about its overall features soon enough.

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