Samsung will make the Galaxy S24 look more vivid in a future update


The Samsung Galaxy S24 has been released, but some early complaints of the device include how the phone’s display doesn’t look as vivid as it could. The phone has an option to change the display to make it look more vivid but users are finding out that it doesn’t really seem to change anything.

The good news is that Samsung will be addressing that in a future update. This is according to a post on X by Ice Universe. They claim that Samsung will introduce a slider option in the display settings. This will let users increase the vividness of their phone’s display. Note that the current settings aren’t due to a bug.

Samsung Spain issued a statement to Teknofilo where they claimed that the current settings apparently works as intended. They claim that they intentionally made the adjustments to offer a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience. Given the significant change compared to previous models, it’s not surprising that some users mistook it for a bug.

Ice Universe does not mention when this update will be released. If you miss the more vivid displays from the previous models, then perhaps this is an update for the Galaxy S24 that you should look forward to.

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