The Galaxy S24 Ultra “Vivid” display mode might be anything but


Some lucky pre-order customers of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have already started to receive their units. Unfortunately for them, it has been discovered that the phone’s displays aren’t as good as their predecessor. Users discovered this when setting their display to “Vivid” and finding out that the Galaxy S24 Ultra display looks washed out.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung’s phones have the option of changing how the display looks. Users can toggle between selections like “Natural” and “Vivid”. The latter mode is supposed to introduce more saturated colors, giving it a pop. Posts on Reddit have revealed that nothing seems to happen when selecting “Vivid” mode on their Galaxy S24 Ultra display.

Image credit – u/Doo-StealYour-HoChoi

This problem isn’t exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Other users with the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S4+ are reporting similar issues. Thankfully, it isn’t a hardware problem. One user claims to have spoken to Samsung support who told them that a software update will be rolling out soon to address the issue.

Considering that displays are one of Samsung’s main businesses, you would think that they would have caught this issue early. To be fair, new device launches tend to come with teething issues. Thankfully in this case, it’s not a huge deal. If you notice that your Galaxy S24’s display is looking a little washed out even with Vivid mode toggled, you’ll just have to wait for the software update that should fix it.

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