Google has a temporary (and complicated) fix for its Pixel storage issue


In January, Google released a surprise Pixel Feature Drop that introduced its brand new AI features to its Pixel phones. Unfortunately, the update wasn’t perfect as some users reported issues with their storage. This included not being able to access internal storage, camera crashes, and more. Thankfully, Google has a temporary solution to the Pixel storage issue.

In the post on the Google Community page, the company has acknowledged the issue. They have also highlighted a temporary workaround. This fix requires users to run developer tools like Android Debug Bridge. This might be a bit too complicated and complex for the average user. If you’re not comfortable doing this, you should just wait for the patch that will fix the problem.

Google also points out that the Pixel storage issue seems to affect users who have multiple user accounts or work profiles on their phones. It isn’t exclusive to these users, but it might be more prevalent. The full set of instructions can be found on Google’s Community page post so head on over if you want to attempt it yourself.

For those that can’t be bothered with the process, the company says that they are still working on a patch. They do not mention when this patch will be released. If this issue is causing you problems to the point where your phone is almost unusable, then you’ll have to attempt this temporary workaround.

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