Samsung Find is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s “Find My” app


In addition to introducing new hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S24, the company is also introducing a new app and feature to its phones. This comes in the form of a new “Samsung Find” app that comes preloaded on the Galaxy S24 smartphones.

In case the name itself wasn’t already a dead giveaway, this is basically Samsung’s own take on Apple’s “Find My” app and Google’s “Find My Device”, except that it is designed to work with Samsung’s ecosystem. This allows users to see their Galaxy devices on a map as well as other Samsung gadgets that are part of their SmartThings Find network.

This means that in the event you misplace your phone, or if you’re trying to track a luggage or bag with the Galaxy SmartTag trackers attached to it, you can. If you’ve ever used Apple’s Find My app or Google’s Find My Device feature, then this shouldn’t be too unfamiliar. There is also a feature that can notify you when you’ve left something behind.

The good news is that it won’t be exclusive to the Galaxy S24. It does come preloaded on the Galaxy S24, but it will be rolling out to devices with the One UI 6.1 update, so if your handset is eligible for the update, you should be able to use this app as well.

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