YouTube slows down load times for users with ad blockers


YouTube isn’t a fan of users using ad blockers and it’s not hard to see why. Blocking ads means blocking potential revenue for the company. This is why YouTube has become more aggressive in recent months when it comes to ad blockers.

Previously, YouTube would slow down the site’s loading times when it detects ad blockers are in use. Now a post on Reddit has revealed that YouTube is taking things further by slowing buffer times. Users with ad blockers are discovering that when they watch a video, the buffer times appear to be longer, but that’s not all.

A report from 9to5Google has also revealed that there are other issues seemingly associated with ad blockers. This includes previews not loading properly, and entering theater or full screen mode was not possible until the site is refreshed.

It’s really just a game of cat and mouse at this point. Ad blockers will keep finding ways around YouTube, and YouTube will just come up with new ways of responding. If these issues are ruining the experience for you, you really only have two choices. Either disable your ad blocker and watch YouTube with ads, or pay for YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is priced starting at $13.99 a month. While it might be expensive just to remove ads, it does unlock other benefits. This includes access to YouTube Music, offline viewing, and more.

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