Samsung Galaxy S24 could match the Pixel 8’s updates


The Apple’s iPhones is that they tend to be updated for way longer compared to Android. That’s slowly starting to change with devices like the Google Pixel 8 that offers seven years of software updates. Now it looks like Samsung will be hopping on that bandwagon with updates for the Galaxy S24.

A report from Android Headlines has revealed that for the Samsung Galaxy S24, the company will be offering seven years of software updates as well. Keep in mind that these are software updates, not OS updates. Major OS updates, such as going from one major version of Android to another, is usually around 3 years.

Software updates, on the other hand, usually refer to security patches, bug fixes, and the occasional new feature. Don’t get us wrong, this is still a good thing, especially for users who tend to hold onto their phones for a longer period of time.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this yet. The company will be hosting their Galaxy Unpacked event on the 17th of January, so we should have all the details in the next couple of days. If longer software support is of high importance to you, then maybe you can consider the Galaxy S24 for your next phone.

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