YouTube is done giving chances to users who use ad blockers


Earlier this year, YouTube started an experiment where users who were found to be using ad blockers on its website were given three chances to disable their ad blockers or to add YouTube to its exemption list. But now it looks like YouTube has decided to not be so lenient anymore.

It appears that now whenever YouTube detects that a user has an ad blocker, it will block videos from playing completely. This is versus the earlier experiment where we mentioned that YouTube would give users three chances to disable the ad blocker, but now it looks like YouTube has decided to do away with it completely.

Now users with ad blockers are being greeted by a message informing them that video playback is now blocked unless YouTube’s website has been added to the exemption list. They even provide a little tutorial based on the ad blocker you’re using on how to disable or add YouTube to the allowlist.

It is understandable why YouTube is getting more aggressive with ad blockers. Ads are one of the primary revenue sources for YouTube, which in turn allows them to invest back into the company and also to pay creators. Blocking ads essentially denies YouTube that income, which can also make it harder for creators who are using YouTube as their primary source of income.

YouTube does offer YouTube Premium, which for a monthly subscription allows users to do away with ads and offers up additional perks like offline watching.

Source: The Verge

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