The Samsung Galaxy S24 could be smoother than butter!


There are several things that can affect how smooth or responsive a phone feels. One would be the touch response rate. The other would be its processing power. Another could simply come in the form of better software optimization. This is something Samsung has apparently done with the upcoming Galaxy S24.

Tipster Ice Universe posted on X a video that apparently shows One UI 6.1 running on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and oh boy, does it look smooth! They went on to explain that one of the changes Samsung is making is to the animation frame rate. By increasing the frame rate (more is better), it allows the phone to look and feel more responsive.

They also say that One UI 6.1 will remove the background blur effect, and also increase the background scaling animation. Ice Universe also recently tipped that the Galaxy S24’s display could see an improvement in touch screen response by about 10%. This means that once the Galaxy S24 is launched with One UI 6.1 in tow, it should result in a pretty awesome experience right out of the box.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will be officially announced on the 17th of January. One of the major changes we’re looking forward to is the inclusion of AI features. It will be interesting to see if Samsung can pull it off or if it will end up like Bixby and largely ignored.

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