Rabbit R1 is already a hit, selling out in just 24 hours!


One of the runaway products at CES 2024 is surprisingly the Rabbit R1 from Rabbit Inc. While some media were questioning the purpose of a device that would allow you to use apps without a smartphone, it hasn’t stopped consumers’ interest. The Rabbit R1 sold out with 10,000 units on its first day.

The startup has officially crushed its original goal of selling only 500 units on the first day to selling over 10,000. While we have already covered in greater detail the Rabbit R1 let’s do a small recap of its major features and what it offers.

What is the Rabbit R1

Rabbit Inc. has launched the r1, an AI device featuring the revolutionary “rabbit OS,” providing users with an “app-free” online experience.

The distinctive “rabbit OS” operates on a Large Action Model (LAM). A LAM allows it to understand and infer human actions across different applications. This natural-language operating system doesn’t just generate text responses. It can take action based on user input, making it a significant leap in human-machine interaction.

Rabbit OS introduces “rabbits,” which are personal AI agents capable of performing various tasks. This way it can offer a more advanced alternative to existing AI voice assistants. Users can customize the device through an online hub called the Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole allows the system to carry out tasks with user permission without storing sensitive personal information or passwords.

If you want to get your hands on the device you can head to to preorder now!

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