Apple Vision Pro pre-orders will finally kick off January 19


Apple last year announced their first-ever mixed reality headset in the form of the Apple Vision Pro. Although the product was officially announced, it wasn’t made available for pre-order or sale immediately. If you’re interested, the company has announced that pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro will start on January 19th.

Apple refers to the Apple Vision Pro as a “spatial computer”. It is basically a wearable headset that overlays a display in front of your eyes, allowing you to watch shows, surf the web, and play games while keeping your hands free and also creating a more immersive experience.

A new platform Apple calls visionOS is powering the headset. It relies on the user’s eye movements, hand gestures, and voice to navigate. It sounds gimmicky, but early hands-on impressions of the headset have suggested that Apple might have nailed the controls.

The Apple Vision Pro will not come cheap. Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are priced starting at $3,499. Its price definitely puts it well out of reach for the average consumer, but previous rumors have suggested that Apple is more keen on selling this to developers to allow them to develop apps and create new experiences.

There are also rumors suggesting that Apple could be working on a “cheaper” version of the Vision Pro, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

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