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Nanoleaf debuts new Matter compatible smart lights at CES 2024


At CES 2024, Nanoleaf has debuted new Matter compatible smart lights designed for the home. This includes the indoor Essentials Matter Smart Multicolor Lightstrip, Outdoor String Lights, and Permanent Outdoor Lights. The company has also announced that they are taking pre-orders for the Skylight Modular Ceiling Light which debuted at CES last year.

Nanoleaf Skylight pre-orders

Nanoleaf started out by creating smart LED wall lights, but if you prefer something on your ceiling, the Skylight could be the way to go. The company announced these smart lights were announced at CES 2023 and they are now available for pre-order.

The Nanoleaf Skylights are square LED lights which follow a similar concept to the company’s other smart lights. Users will be able to connect up to 100 additional squares to create unique patterns and lighting effects for themselves. The Skylights also feature support for mood lighting, scenes that can change based on the time of day, and also sync with music.

They are priced at $249.99 for the Smarter (Starter) Kit and $69.99 for the Expansion Pack.

New Matter compatible lights

Additionally, alongside the Skylight pre-orders, Nanoleaf has introduced new smart lighting compatible with the Matter protocol.

Matter is a unified smart home protocol that was designed to enable compatibility among  various smart home products regardless of manufacturer or platform. This helps give users more choices when it comes to mixing and matching products, rather than restricting choices based on specific platforms.

These new Matter compatible lights include the Smart Multicolor Lightstrip (Indoor), Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights, and Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights. They will all play nicely with existing Nanoleaf products and offer up similar features. They will also be compatible with Matter hubs so that they’ll work with other smart home devices.

These new Matter compatible smart lights will be available this coming Spring.

Orchestrator software

Last but not least, Nanoleaf has also announced their new Orchestrator software. Nanoleaf’s smart lights are already compatible with music where the lights can sync to the beat.

What makes the Orchestrator software different is that it can actually perform real-time music analysis. This is versus other lighting systems that rely on audio pickup to create visualization effects.

The end result are light shows and colors that are more dynamic with varying animation effects that are more suitable based on the mood of the song. Nanoleaf will release the Orchestrator software this Spring, ensuring compatibility with any music streaming service or audio player.

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