Google announces a bunch of Android and Chromecast updates at CES


Google I/O is usually the time that Google reserves to make announcements regarding Android updates. This year, it seems that Google has decided to share some of these updates at CES 2024. This includes changes to Nearby Share, improvements to Fast Pair, and also the expansion of Chromecast.

Nearby Share was announced a few years ago and was designed to be Google’s answer to Apple’s AirDrop. At CES, Google has announced that they will be renaming Nearby Share to Quick Share. You might be thinking, isn’t that the same name as Samsung’s own feature? According to Google, this change was made in collaboration with Samsung.

Google also announced that they are working with PC makers such as LG to ensure that Quick Share for Windows comes as a preinstalled app.

Next up is Fast Pair. Fast Pair allows users with Bluetooth devices, like wireless headphones, to quickly pair with their Android smartphone. Now Google has announced some changes where starting next month, Fast Pair will expand to support Chromecast which will allow users to quickly pair headphones and speakers with their TVs.

Speaking of Chromecast, Google’s update to Android also includes expanding the feature. One of those changes include the ability to cast TikTok content from their phone to a Chromecast device. Google will also be extending Chromecast built-in to LG Hospitality and  Healthcare.

This means that soon, if your hotel has a compatible LG TV, you can easily cast what you’re watching on your phone to the TV and enjoy it on a larger screen. These are just some of the changes that Google will be making to Android and some of its other services, so keep an eye out for them if you think you might be able to use them!

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