Meta challenges the Apple Vision Pro with its Quest 3 mixed reality headset


Virtual and augmented reality headsets aren’t new and many companies have been making them for the past few years now. But it’s probably safe to say that when Apple officially announced that they would be stepping into the ring with its Vision Pro headset, more people sat up and paid attention.

The Apple Vision Pro is definitely not for everyone based on its price, but if you’re interested in a mixed reality headset, then Meta might have something for you. The company has announced the Meta Quest 3, a mixed reality headset that actually comes in at a relatively decent price.

It’s actually interesting to see Meta move in this direction. The company’s previous releases, like the Quest 2, have mostly focused on virtual reality, especially with the creation of the Metaverse, but the Quest 3 appears to be moving in a similar direction as the Apple Vision Pro.

The headset is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset and comes with 8GB of RAM, a passthrough feature that lets users see the outside world while wearing the headset, and also a pair of 4K+ “Infinite Display” which offers 2064×2208 resolution per eye, which is pretty sharp.

Meta has also announced a bunch of new apps and games that have been optimized for the Quest 3, and also how existing apps designed for the Quest lineup will also be upgraded to support the new mixed reality wearable. The headset can also be customized with various straps, and there will also be support for prescription lenses that can be installed within the headset itself so users with glasses can take their glasses off and use the headset.

If you’re interested in picking up the Meta Quest 3, it is priced at $499.99 for the base 128GB model and it is available for pre-order via Meta’s website where it is expected to be released on the 10th of October.

Source: Meta

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