The Withings BeamO is a 4-in-1 Device that Tracks your Health


While a ton of the tech on display at CES 2024 mostly revolves around consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers, there’s also a number of unique hardware geared towards health and fitness applications – as such, medical equipment manufacturer Withings recently showed off “BeamO”, which the company touts as a 4-in-1 health checkup device.

Withings says that BeamO combines multiple functionality including an ECG sensor, oximeter, stethoscope, and a thermometer that should be more than useful for quick checkups at home. Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings comments:

“BeamO is a transformative multiscope device. Once, body temperature was the only health scan routinely taken at home. BeamO will revolutionize the measurement of the core vitals carried out during medical visits from the comfort of one’s own home. This crucial data will provide a vital overview of overall health or warning signs of potential areas of concern. Instead of measuring these stats a couple of times a year in a clinical setting, it will be possible to assess them every day… BeamO will be the thermometer of the future, providing the ability to assess temperature and observe the state of the heart and lungs.”

The increase of remote checkups done over the internet also played a part in the development of BeamO, as health professionals were faced with an issue on how to carry out the routine checks they usually perform in person.

For cardio-related readings, Photoplethysmography (PPG) and built-in electrodes allow the device to perform blood oxygenation (SpO2) and heart rate readings simultaneously, while also conducting a medical-grade 1-lead ECG. Users can then view real-time results on the onboard display.

As mentioned earlier, BeamO can also perform additional functions thanks to its built-in digital stethoscope hardware (via a Piezoelectric disc), as well as a thermometer feature with Withings Thermo Sensor tech. Results and data can be then saved and tracked using the Withings App, which is available for smart devices.

The app can also be used to upload details of any medications they are taking, set alerts and reminders to administer at the appropriate times, and log usage and side effects that can be shared with doctors to manage dosage and effectiveness. Withings states that the BeamO will retail at $249.95 in June 2024, once it is granted FDA clearance on its ECG capability.

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