MediaTek’s First Wave of Wi-Fi 7 Hardware Arrives Soon


CES 2024 is undoubtedly one of the biggest tech events of the year, and it’s only logical that we’d get several major announcements from some of the biggest names in the industry. With that in mind, Taiwanese chip company MediaTek recently announced that it’s been working closely with the Wi-Fi Alliance to launch its new lineup of Wi-Fi 7 certified products soon.

This leap towards the widened adoption of Wi-Fi 7 technology includes products like the Filogic 880, 860, 380 and 360 chipsets, which according to MediaTek “exemplify the essence of Wi-Fi 7”. Additionally, Wi-Fi 7 certification also opens up more technological possibilities for partner companies such as Asus, Hisense, TP-Link and Lenovo (to name a few) in developing their own Wi-Fi 7 compatible products – this includes a wide variety of hardware such as mesh routers, televisions, streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

MediaTek was among the first companies to embrace Wi-Fi 7 technology; commenting on this latest development, Alan Hsu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek states:

“As a technology leader, we make significant investments in formulating the standards that drive the industry, in addition to developing products that utilize those standards… The recent announcement of our family of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 chipset solutions has enabled us to work with Wi-Fi Alliance to provide testbeds for devices on both the access point and client sides, streamlining the product certification process for manufacturers.”

With all that being said, the company is planning to expand the reach of its Filogic technologies into four different fields, including consumer, broadband, enterprise and automotive. Attendees to CES 2024 can find out more at MediaTek’s showcase at the event.

Source: MediaTek

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