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MediaTek Teams up with Google for Advanced Smart Home Systems


For a lot of modern-day consumers, wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have provided a means to integrate smart device setups in countless homes, workspaces and more. Companies such as MediaTek have invested heavily into developing hardware that’s aimed at giving users access to such hardware, and it looks like the company is looking to expand its reach even further.

As such, MediaTek recently announced that it was working alongside Google on designing a 2×2 hardware solution that features support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread for advanced smart home setups. The company says that the upcoming product will fall under its Filogic line of hardware, which is specifically developed for such purposes.

Additionally, MediaTek states that its latest Filogic chips will feature compatibility for Matter hardware standards, allowing smart home devices to work more seamlessly with each other.

Alongside compatibility with Matter, MediaTek adds that its collaboration with Google will allow consumers to build their ideal smart home experience, thanks to Google Home integration with home appliances such as TVs, smart speakers, thermostats, and more.

Source: MediaTek

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