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The Matter smart home standard has officially been launched


One of the problems with smart home devices is that they all run on their own platforms which means that depending on what device you use, certain smart home devices may not be compatible.

It was understandable back then as many companies were eager to corner the market, but it was frustrating on the consumer end, but that will now change as the Connectivity Standards Alliance has since announced the Matter 1.0 smart home standard.

For those unfamiliar, Matter is meant to be a new unified standard when it comes to smart home devices, meaning that instead of devices that are only HomeKit compatible, or only compatible with Amazon, Google, or Samsung’s platforms, devices that use the Matter standard will work with each other across different platforms.

“As part of the Matter 1.0 release, authorized test labs are open for product certification, the test harnesses and tools are available, and the open-source reference design software development kit (SDK) is complete – all to bring new, innovative products to market. Further, Alliance members with devices already deployed and with plans to update their products to support Matter can now do so, once their products are certified.”

It might take a while before we start seeing smart home devices updating itself to the Matter 1.0 standard or see new products launch with support for Matter 1.0, but it’s a good start and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

Source: Connectivity Standards Alliance

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