OpenAI wants to replace Google Assistant with ChatGPT


Last year, OpenAI officially brought ChatGPT to Android via a standalone app, meaning that users who wanted to use the AI could use the app instead of navigating to its website. But overall compared to Google Assistant, having to open the app to use ChatGPT adds extra steps that might dissuade users from using it.

That could change in the future. An APK teardown by the good folks over at Android Authority have revealed that OpenAI could be working on an update to the app that would allow users to set the ChatGPT app as the default assistant on Android phones. This means that users who prefer using ChatGPT over Google Assistant will be able to use it as their default assistant without having to launch the app or go to its website.

This could actually be preferred given how ChatGPT is currently more “superior” compared to Google Assistant when it comes to queries, thanks to the LLMs that OpenAI has used in its development. To Google’s credit, the company has been working on bringing its own AI up to speed and the recent announcement of Gemini could potentially turn Google Assistant into an AI powerhouse.

At the very least, this change could give users the option of using ChatGPT as their default assistant if they prefer. The change hasn’t rolled out yet and there’s no guarantee that it will since things could change from development to rollout, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Android Authority

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