Samsung Teams up with Hyundai for Smart-Connected Homes and Cars


Samsung recently announced that it has collaborated with Auto manufacturer Hyundai towards the expansion of its SmartThings IoT platform, which will now come with support for compatible electric vehicles. The team-up between the two companies was officially signed on January 3, and will see them work together to develop smart-connectivity functions between EVs and smart home setups.

Described as “Home-to-Car” and “Car-to-Home” services, the collaboration aims to connect smart home setups with in-vehicle infotainment systems which allows for two-way remote control functionality. For example, users can instantly start their automobiles while still at home, and alternatively will be able to control their home appliances from their vehicle. Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics comments:

“This collaboration will enable communication from Home-to-Car and integrated home energy management services that are optimized for future lifestyles… By connecting the SmartThings platform with vehicles, we’ll be able to significantly enhance the customer experience in both the home and the car.”

Other features will include an integrated home energy management service that allows users to keep an eye on how much energy is consumed by the connected devices in their homes. Additionally, energy information from their EVs and chargers will also be visible via compatible devices.

Furthermore, users will be able to use routines via SmartThings with their vehicles. As an example, when a Galaxy smartphone’s morning alarm goes off, corresponding lights and appliances indoors will turn on, and when leaving for work, a user’s car will be able set an ideal temperature. Additionally, smartphones and TV screens will be able to display information such as the EV’s remaining battery and driving range.

Source: Samsung

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