European prices for the Samsung Galaxy S24 have leaked


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will be launching soon and we’re sure that some would-be buyers are concerned about how much the phone could cost. It is an understandable concern given that over the years, the prices of phones have risen quite dramatically.

For those who are curious, thanks to a major European retailer, the prices of the entire lineup might have leaked ahead of the official announcement. According to the post, the base Galaxy S24 is said to be priced starting at 899 Euros, while the Galaxy S24+ will go for 1,169 Euros, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will go for 1,469 Euros.

It is unclear how much this will translate to in the US, but it won’t be a direct conversion so we’ll have to wait for the official launch for the details. In the meantime, it appears that Samsung could be offering some pretty generous pre-order deals where customers can get up to $1,020 off the price of the phone presumably with a trade-in.

Samsung is currently offering customers $50 in credit if they were to register their interest. This is a no-commitment reservation meaning that you just need to register your name and email address and you’ll receive the $50 credit, so whether or not you end up buying the phone doesn’t matter and you can use it towards other Samsung products.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to Samsung’s website for the details. In the meantime, the Galaxy S24 series will be officially announced at an event scheduled for the 17th of January, so check back with us then for more updates.

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