Bose to Stop Selling its Audio-Equipped Frame Glasses Soon


The onslaught of smart-enabled eyewear these past couple of years has certainly resulted in some pretty interesting products on the market, with a variety of different hardware manufacturers taking advantage of the current craze. With that said though, it looks like the end has come for one particular brand.

More specifically, the folks over at The Verge report that Bose will pull the plug on the Bose Frames, an open-ear pair of audio smart glasses. The company will essentially end production and sales of the Bose Frames at the end of 2023, although active product warranties will still be in effect. At the moment, the official Bose website lists the product as sold out, with a 50% price drop as well.

It’s unclear yet if Bose will follow-up with a new product after phasing out the Frames, although current reports indicate that the company isn’t giving up entirely on open-ear tech.

A while back, Meta unveiled a brand new version of its smart glasses that comes with improvements to audio, cameras, as well as a number of new features including the ability for users to livestream content to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, along with the integration of Meta AI.

Source: The Verge

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