Boring! We might have to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S26 to see a redesign


Samsung has been using a similar design language for their Galaxy S-series of flagship phones for the past few years. They have made some tweaks here and there, like with the upcoming Galaxy S24 where we will see the return of the flat display, but otherwise it is expected to look quite similar.

Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to see a major redesign, you’ll have to wait. According to a post on Naver, it seems that Samsung will only be making a design change after the Galaxy S25 series, meaning that it will start with the Galaxy S26 which should launch in 2026. That’s about 3 years away.

Previously, it was reported that the Galaxy S25 could finally bring about the much-needed design change, but this report suggests that we might have to wait a little longer. If this is true, it is disappointing. There is no doubt that future flagship phones will continue to be extremely powerful and feature all the latest hardware, but seeing the same design language used over and over again can lead to fatigue.

We understand that creating new molds for smartphones can be expensive which is why companies tend to reuse designs for a few years, but waiting until 2026 does seem like a stretch. Take this with a grain of salt for now since none of this can be verified anytime soon, but what do you think about this? Would you continue to buy Samsung’s flagship phones even if they keep using a similar design language, or would you rather wait for a brand new design?

Source: Naver

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