Finally! The Samsung Galaxy S25 could bring about a significant design change


The design of Samsung’s Galaxy S-series of flagship phones hasn’t changed too much in recent years. We’ve seen some iterative changes, but nothing major. That could change in 2025 with the Samsung Galaxy S25.

According to a post on X by @Tech_Reve, they are claiming that Samsung is expected to introduce a brand new design in the Galaxy S25. This effort is said to be led by Ilhwan Lee, the current design team leader of Samsung’s MX division and who had previously worked at Mercedes-Benz as a designer as well.

He has been tasked to “redefine” the brand’s image and as a result, the Galaxy S25 is expected to see some significant design changes. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S25 is only expected in 2025 which means that it’s probably far too early to expect any leaks or hints of what’s to come.

The leaked renders of the Galaxy S24, which is expected to launch in mid-January 2024, will still use a similar design language. The only main change is that the display will be flatter than its predecessor, but otherwise it will still look quite similar. If you’re more keen on a new design and don’t mind waiting one year, then maybe holding out for the Galaxy S25 could be a good idea.

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