The Samsung Galaxy S24 won’t be getting a RAM upgrade, and here’s why


In the recent years, we’ve been seeing how some smartphone makers are introducing more RAM in their smartphones. Samsung hasn’t been one of them. In fact, the rumors of the Galaxy S24 suggest that the entire lineup won’t be getting an upgrade in RAM over their predecessors.

But why is that? According to a post on X by @Tech_Reve, they quote analysts from Mizuho Securities who are speculating why that might be the case. It seems that the prices of RAM is expected to increase next year, which means that Samsung might be holding off on adding more RAM in a bid to keep costs down.

Lower costs means a higher profit margin for the company while not having to raise the price of the phone. It also seems that Samsung is apparently not seeing any massive gains in real world applications by having more RAM, so there’s no point in increasing their costs or the prices of their phones for marginal improvements.

It actually makes sense because most apps are developed with varying hardware configurations in mind, meaning that a lot of apps have no issues running on phones with little RAM. Having more RAM isn’t a bad thing, but if most apps or processes don’t require 32GB of RAM, then there’s really no point.

Either way, we’ll have to wait to get our hands on the Galaxy S24 phones and see for ourselves if having the same amount of RAM will have a significant impact (or not) on the performance of the device.

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