MediaTek Challenges Dimensity 9300 Performance Woes, Cites Flawed Testing


Just recently, a stress test posted online demonstrated the performance of the new Vivo X100 and MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset, showing that the chip underwent thermal throttling during usage, a result which was attributed to the architecture of the new mobile SoC.

With that being said, it looks like MediaTek has seen the test itself, although the company’s stance on the performance of its new flagship chip questions the methods used in said performance tests, calling them “flawed.” As per a statement from MediaTek:

It is well known that all modern smartphones include thermal throttling to ensure the device temperature stays in an acceptable/safe range.

A better way to use the CPU Throttle Test as a way to compare devices side by side, would be run the test with same device case temperature.

With MediaTek’s big core CPU architecture, the Dimensity 9300 will achieve a much higher max & average score than the competitors if the testing is done correctly. In summary, the Dimensity 9300 will be able to deliver more computing performance across the span of the test.

Of course, MediaTek’s stance on its newest product is understandable – one of the biggest differences between the Dimensity 9300 and rival chips like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is the former’s architecture, which does not include efficiency cores. Instead, the chipset packs in four high-performance cores, a design implementation that MediaTek says is focused on giving devices sustained performance.

In any case, we’re bound to see an increase in real-world usage once the Dimensity 9300 makes its way to more devices in the coming months. You can read our coverage of the Dimensity 9300’s launch here.

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