Spotify is leveraging AI to help make better recommendations with the help of Google


It’s not hard to imagine how music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music come up with recommendations for its users for songs, audiobooks, videos, and so on. At its most basic, you watch a video or listen to a song, and do it enough times and the algorithm would assume that these are videos or songs you enjoy.

But that’s just a very simplistic view. There are many reasons why we might enjoy a particular genre or artist, and that’s something Spotify is hoping to figure out with AI. The company announced that they will be partnering with Google Cloud to take advantage of Google’s generative AI and LLMs to improve its services and recommendations.

To start, Spotify will use LLMs to understand its own library so that it can make better recommendations. The AI will also be used to understand patterns behind a user’s favorite audiobook or podcast, which in turn will allow Spotify to offer up new recommendations for users.

Like we said, there are reasons why people enjoy the artists or podcasts they listen to. It could be the way an artist sings a song, or it could be the podcast host who has a charming and captivating personality that makes them enjoyable to listen to. So with AI, Spotify is hoping to understand these nuances and make better recommendations for discovery in the future.

Source: Android Central

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