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OnePlus’ next product could be a set of speakers


OnePlus started out by creating smartphones, but they later branched out to earbuds, tablets, and recently foldable phones as well. But it looks like the company will be further branching out into other products, based on a teaser on its Instagram page. According to the short teaser video, it seems that the company could be working on a set of speakers.

Not much is known about the device right now, but it looks interesting. To be fair, the video is produced quite well and does a good job at hyping the launch, but whether or not it will live up to the hype and sound good remains to be seen.


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According to the tagline, it claims that it will see the “wonder of music meets the power of tech”. If we had to guess, it’s probably going to rely on Bluetooth connectivity which is the norm/standard these days, but how it will set itself apart from the thousands of other Bluetooth speakers in the market today is unclear.

Other companies like Apple have taken a stab at creating speakers like with the HomePod series, although it hasn’t exactly been the runaway hit that Apple was hoping for. Will OnePlus’ efforts be any different? We’ll have to wait and see. The company does not mention when this device will launch so we’ll just have to remain patient and keep our eyes peeled for an announcement.

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