Google Maps just got a lot better with its latest update


Google Maps is pretty great as it is, which is why it is also one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. But improvements can always be made, which is what Google has done in the latest update that is rolling out to the app as we speak.

According to Google’s announcement, they will be introducing a bunch of quality of life updates and new features that should make using the app a much better experience. This includes improvements to public transport, where transit directions will be updated to see the best route, the number of transfers you might have to make, and exact locations of station entrances and exits, which will be super helpful if you’re in a foreign country and don’t want to get lost.

Google has also announced an update to lists which will make collaborating and planning trips with friends a better experience. Users can now customize their list with emojis to give it a bit more character and to better identify places and categories, and sharing that list with friends will allow them to collaborate and add their own places they want to visit.

The update will also introduce more eco-friendly routes for those who want to cut down on their fuel consumption, and also more ways for EV drivers to find charging stations so they can better plan their trips. This is quite a huge update so if you’re an avid Google Maps user, this could be the update for you.

Source: Google

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