Don’t expect major design changes in the Samsung Galaxy S24


One of the first things we notice whenever we look at a phone is its design. Sometimes this might be enough to convince people to buy the phone which is why handset makers usually pay a lot of attention to the design.

If you were hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will look drastically different from its predecessor, you might be disappointed to learn that might not be the case. This is according to images of the dummy units of the handset that were shared on X by Sonny Dickson.

From what we can tell, the design of the Galaxy S24 won’t be a huge departure from the Galaxy S23. At a glance, the design appears to be very similar which is in line with renders of the handset posted back in September. There are some changes and that is with the edges of the phone which seem flatter.

This is because previous rumors have claimed that Samsung could go back to a flat display instead of using displays that have slight curves along the edges, giving us a more traditional-looking smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to be announced in January 2024, so we won’t have to wait too long to find out if these images are accurate.

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