X Premium users can now make voice and video calls


Voice and video calls seem to be a pretty standard feature you can find in a lot of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Oddly enough, the feature was not available on X, at least until now where a report from Gizmodo has revealed that X has started to roll out voice and video calling capabilities to its users.

Before you get too excited, take note that this feature is only available for X Premium subscribers. This means that if you’re a free user then it looks like you’ll have to go elsewhere for your voice and video calling capabilities, but if you’re a Premium user then these are features you can start taking advantage of.

That being said, it should be noted that according to a post by X owner Elon Musk, these features are still in beta even though all Premium users will be able to use it for now. This means that maybe there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out, but for the most part it will be largely usable.

Also, another thing to note is that for now, it is only available for the iOS version of X, but it is expected to roll out to Android users soon. X Premium is currently priced starting at $8 a month. The company is planning to eventually start charging all users $1 a month to access the platform’s basic features. The tests have already started in New Zealand and the Philippines, but it should eventually make its way to the rest of the world.

Source: Gizmodo

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