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Betting on sports has become a massive industry across the United States. Online sports betting has been steadily growing in popularity in every state where it has been legalized. In the states where legalization hasn’t happened yet, the ball is already rolling in most state legislatures.  

Although not every state has made online sports betting legal, the ones that have, quickly realized that online sports betting is the way of the future. There will always be a place for a bookmaker at the racetrack or at a casino, but more and more of the day-to-day sports betting now happens online. 

You used to have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to get access to any decent sports betting promotions. Now that online sports betting has become so huge, the sportsbook bonuses for Michigan bettors are just as good as those in the old betting hubs. These bonuses often include free bets or risk-free betting, which makes getting started with sports betting even easier.

Unlike gaming, sports betting doesn’t require a specialized device to work well. There are, however, some devices that work better for sports betting than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best phones for all of your betting needs.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The death of the flip phone was a sad day for many Millennials who had been the first generation to grow up with cell phones. It wasn’t too long ago that a foldable smartphone seemed like an impossibility and now they are sweeping the market and demand is pushing major manufacturers to offer more flip or fold phone options.

Samsung is one of the leading phone manufacturers and one of the most trusted names in mobile phones. Their Galaxy Z Fold series of phones fold out to give users two screens. This is perfect for those sports bettors who enjoy live betting. On one screen you can have all of your bets and odds information and on the other you can be watching the game in real time.

The Galaxy Z Fold series devices do have a fairly high price point, so if that’s not something you’re comfortable with but you love the idea of having the two screens, it’s worthwhile looking into some alternatives from smaller brands.  

ASUS ROG 6 series

The ASUS ROG 6 series are gaming phones that don’t have the bulky look and feel of most gaming phones. Since they look a bit sleeker and don’t advertise the user’s gamer status, more people are comfortable using them. The top-tier cooling system and battery mean that your phone will be able to handle anything and everything you throw at and you’ll never miss a bet because your phone needs a break.

When it comes to security, the ROG 6 series is also top-of-the-line. We all know that it’s dangerous to hop onto an unsecured public Wi-Fi network. We all also know that the temptation to do so is really high when we’re out of data and need to do something right away. The ROG 6 series of phones offer users leading network security so you can bet without worrying.

Motorola Edge series

Motorola has established a name for itself as a brand that provides quality phones at a range of price points. One of their major selling factors is their consistency. For the Edge series of phones, they also have the positive of having one of the longest-lasting batteries in the industry. The battery on the Edge series has a long life and can hold up to more than just daily usage without needing a recharge. 

For bettors who always want to have access to the odds and latest sports news, the Motorola Edge series makes it more likely that you won’t be caught with a dead phone when you’re trying to place a bet. 

There isn’t a huge amount of difference in terms of specs between the Edge 40 and the Edge 40 Pro. The FHD+ display on both phones and the 6.55 ” screen means that both are ideal for watching sports as well. Even when you don’t have money riding on a game, it’s great to have a phone that allows you to see all the action happening on the field.


We’ve included an Apple phone on this list, not necessarily because we think it is truly the top phone for sports betting but because of its users. For Apple customers, there are no other options, and we would hate to leave a big segment of the population without any suggestions about betting devices. 

The last several generations of iPhones have all been a great option for sports betting online. They have more than enough processing power to cope with any and all betting requirements. The popularity of iPhones also means that all of the leading betting apps are available in iOS. If you enjoy live betting and watching streams of events while you bet, the iPhone is fully capable of handling that as well.  

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