Here’s Why I’m Ditching my iPhone for the Pixel 8


After using the Pixel 8 for some time now, it’s obvious that Google has poured considerable effort into making sure that its latest flagship phone isn’t just another iterative update. A newer chip, fancy AI features, and improvements to hardware are a sure combination for a winning formula, and there’s little doubt that Pixel fans will find a lot to love on the Pixel 8.

At the same time, I’ve also been using the Pixel alongside my iPhone 15. While both phones offer new improvements over their predecessors (we’d be upset if they didn’t), Google has packed a healthy dose of features into its Android champion, a lot of which trumps Apple’s latest iOS-powered offering – in fact, it’s this focus on built-in software and AI features that has got my interest piqued.

Assistance is a Must

The question of “which smart assistant is the best” is one that’s been asked for many years now, but between Siri and Google Assistant, there’s little doubt that Google’s on-board helper gets things done more efficiently than its iOS rival.

Compared to Siri, Google Assistant gets its powers from features such as better contextual awareness and access to a vast knowledge base, allowing it to give more accurate responses to questions, and not immediately giving up on more “complicated” user queries. It can even integrate seamlessly with other Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Keep for example.

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Additionally, Google Assistant has the ability to give more personalized recommendations to user queries as it can access your search data and preferences (with your permission of course). This provides users with a more “personal approach” when suggesting media content or restaurants, for example.

Brains over Brawn

This advantage in intelligence isn’t just limited to Google Assistant – Google’s new Tensor G3 chip is designed to give users a ton of useful features not found on rival devices and brands. Thanks to the magic of Artificial Intelligence, the Pixel 8 comes with functions that aren’t available natively on iPhones.

Google’s new Tensor G3 chip is designed to give users a ton of useful features not found on rival devices and brands.

Features such as Google’s brand new Magic Editor and Magic Audio Eraser have proven to be a great addition to the Pixel’s AI functions, giving users more choice when it comes to improving their photos and videos. Additionally, the Pixel’s AI capabilities also extends into voice recognition as seen on features like Voice Transcription on the Google Recorder, and language translation.

It doesn’t stop there – as mentioned, Bard, Google’s very own conversational generative AI is currently on track to merge with Google Assistant, which should prove to be a very powerful combination if done properly.

The Practicality of it All

Aside from using generative AI for photos and videos, Google has also equipped the Pixel 8 with features of a more “practical” nature. This includes pre-existing functions such as Spam Message filters, and even Call Screening which lets the phone talk back to callers and ask for context, allowing you to see what the call is all about before answering.

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Of course, there’s also support for RCS, aka “Rich Communication Services” – this means better file quality when sending images and videos, cross-platform compatibility, and better end-to-end encryption, to name a few. By comparison, iMessage relies on less secure encryption for its messages, and is only closed-off to other iOS devices, unlike RCS which is available on a ton of different Android brands and manufacturers.

Should You Switch?

If you’re reading this, maybe you’re wondering if you should go ahead and ditch your iPhone for the Pixel 8. Of course, the answer will always be dependent on whether or not your smartphone can keep up with your personal needs. Are the Pixel 8’s software capabilities enough to turn the tide, or are you perfectly happy with what Apple has built into its latest devices?

Let us know in the comments below!

Google Pixel 8
Google's newest Pixel phone comes with a set of AI features, as well as refinements to performance and design.

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