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Google is not wasting time restoring Google Home features following legal victory over Sonos


Last year, Google and Sonos were embroiled in a legal battle over patents that Sonos alleges that Google had infringed upon. Sonos had initially won the lawsuit, but Google appealed it and the results were overturned in Google’s favor.

It seems that Google is wasting no time with their victory because in an announcement on their Nest Community Blog, the company has started to restore features in its Google Home smart speakers that were previously removed due to the ongoing lawsuit between both companies. According to Google:

“In light of this legal decision we’re happy to share that we will be rolling back this change. Devices will be able to belong to multiple speaker groups and you will no longer run into an error when trying to add a device to additional groups. We’re beginning to roll out this update immediately and expect it to go live across our devices and the Home App on Android in the next 48 hours. The change will also be coming soon to the Home App on iOS.”

While we’re sure that Google Home users are probably thrilled to have these features back, we’re not sure if Google might be rushing it. This is because following the new ruling in Google’s favor, Sonos had stated that they plan to appeal the decision, which means that it is possible that things could swing back in their favor.

Either way we’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out, or maybe Google and Sonos could come to some kind of agreement.

Source: Google

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