T-Mobile’s legacy customers might soon be forced to migrate to newer and more expensive plans


Mobile plans have changed over the years, with carriers adding and removing features, increasing prices, and so on. This usually affects new customers who have no choice but to sign on with the new plans, but for older customers, they can continue using their current plan as long as they don’t make any changes.

Unfortunately for T-Mobile customers who are grandfathered into legacy plans, it looks like you could be forced to make the change. This is according to a leaked document spotted on Reddit and confirmed by The Mobile Report in which it was revealed that T-Mobile plans to migrate customers in its older plans to its newer ones.

So far this appears to affect customers who are currently using the Magenta One, Magenta 55+, Simple Choice / Select Choice, or Simple Choice Business plans. For example, those who are on the Magenta (TI) plan, they will be migrated to Go5G (TI), while those on the Simple Choice Business plan will be migrated to Business Unlimited Advanced.

The good news is that customers who don’t want to migrate can opt out. Upon receiving notification of the change (which will be sent via text message or email), customers will be able to contact support and ask to opt out of it, meaning that they can keep using whatever they are using now.

This is good news, but at the same time we imagine that there might be some customers who aren’t aware about this and might be in for a rude shock when they see their next bill, which could be higher than what they’re paying for now. Additional documents have also revealed that customer service reps can offer one-time credit to customers who complain and want to opt out.

This change hasn’t happened yet but if the content of the documents are accurate, affected customers should receive notices about the migration starting on the 17th of October.

Source: The Mobile Report

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