Here’s why You Should Ditch your iPhone for the Pixel 8


The same thing happens every year – hardcore tech fans and more moderate consumers set to upgrade their smartphones will undoubtedly be on the hunt for a new device, and there’s a good chance that most will stick the brand they’re currently using. However, there are times when a user might opt to switch over to a phone from a different manufacturer, just to try things out for a change.

Of course, there are also times when a user might want to move over to an entirely different mobile platform entirely, such as making the switch from Android to iOS, or vice-versa. Maybe you fall into the latter category, and are on the fence about making the transition from your iPhone to an Android device. With that said, you might want to try out Google’s upcoming flagship phones, the Pixel 8 series – there’s a lot of upgrades that are set to arrive once the new devices make their debut, but what exactly can you expect?

A Smarter Assistant

Yes, Siri is generally useful and all, but it still has some catching up to do when it comes to its overall functionality and refinement, which can still cause some hiccups along the way due to less-than-stellar voice recognition and sometimes questionable query results.

By comparison, Google Assistant (which is baked into Pixel phones) comes with features such as Natural Language Processing, which allows it to better understand user queries and commands based on context, allowing for more relevant responses. It also has access to Google’s massive knowledge base, allowing it to provide answers to a wider range of questions, and can even integrate with a ton of third-party apps and devices.

Top-notch Photography

While iPhones are very capable camera phones, it’s no secret that Google’s efforts in mobile photography have resulted in very impressive results with its Pixel phones. In addition to some impressive hardware onboard, Pixels also make use of Google’s powerful computational photography, relying on software algorithms to control noise, improve dynamic range and colors, for example.

Pixels also make use of Google’s powerful computational photography, relying on software algorithms to control noise, improve dynamic range and colors

In addition to this, the Pixel 8 series will also come with some useful camera features such as Night Sight photography and a dedicated Astro mode for extreme low-light exposure, Real Tone which better captures skin complexions, and even Magic Eraser that can get rid of unwanted objects and people in the background of your photos.

Infused with AI

We’d probably take a lot of your time if we were to try and list every single AI-powered feature on Google’s Pixel phones (including the 8, of course), but it should be said that Google’s implementation of artificial intelligence in its smartphone hardware proves that hardware alone doesn’t make a smart device.

For one, the built-in Google Voice Recorder app is probably one of the best examples of the Pixel’s AI-infused capabilities, allowing users to view a live transcription of a current recording session, and it can even transcribe audio from other sources, and can even identify between speakers in a recording session. There’s even Live Translate, which can translate text and speech in real time – there’s a ton of useful functionality available on the Pixel hardware line thanks to AI.

Special Calling Features

This next one probably ties best into the Pixel 8’s primary role as a phone – Google’s work with AI has also allowed it to add some specialized calling features which reduce the hassle of answering potential spam callers, saving you time and energy when using your phone.

For one, there’s “Call Screen”, which uses AI to answer calls from unknown contacts, and even asks them for their identity and reason for calling. Users can then view a transcript of their response, and decide on how to respond. As mentioned, it also comes with spam call protection, so you won’t get flooded by phone calls from scammers and bots.

Software Updates

The Pixel 8 will also receive several years’ worth of software updates, which include major upgrade Android version upgrades, monthly security patches, as well as occasional features drops, which allows Google to bring newer software features to current and older devices, as well as features that weren’t present on launch day.

How about you – will you be making the switch to a Pixel phone when the Pixel 8 series launches this October? Let us know in the comments below!

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