Overheating, eSim Issues: iPhone 15 Users Report Technical Difficulties


One thing to consider when purchasing a new smartphone is that while it might be brand new, there’s still a chance that it can be affected by hardware and software issues, no matter what the brand. With that in mind, it looks like Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing some troubles with overheating, at least according to user testimonies online.

A number of iPhone 15 Pro Max owners have complained that their new devices have occasionally gotten hot, which some have attributed to the 15 Pro’s lack of an active cooling system, and the more power-hungry A17 Pro Bionic chip. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a singular usage scenario that causes the heating issue, which has prompted concern among a number of 15 Pro Max owners.

During its product launch presentation, Apple marketed the iPhone 15 Pro (as well as its A17 Bionic Pro chip) as being designed for high-end gaming, although the increased reports of overheating do bring some concern especially for folks looking to run graphics-intensive games on their devices. While other users have not experienced the issue, it would be great if Apple can get to the bottom of any potential problems on its newest flagships.

There have also been reports of users having a bit of trouble with eSim activation on their devices. This might prove to be an issue with US variants of the device which lacks a physical SIM card tray, although global units thankfully have maintained a removable SIM slot. Either way, a fix for these issues would be most welcome, especially for iPhone owners.

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