New Leaks Reveal Google’s Pixel 8a Marketing Pages


In true Google fashion, the upcoming Pixel 8a has been the subject of many leaks over the course of the past few months, with online tipsters revealign everything from design, specs, and even pricing. As such, a new wave of leaked materials sheds more light on Google’s upcoming midrange smartphone.

Posting on his X/twitter account, veteran tech informant Evan Blass shared a collection of images which appear to be Google’s official product pages for the Pixel 8a, based on the information and photos used. Interestingly, the images also show what appears to be translated text, indicating that the leaked pages might not be from Google’s US domain.

With that being said, the product pages confirm what many have suspected about the Pixel 8a, such as an IP67 rating, Gorilla Glass 3 display, a matte rear panel (hallelujah), and other staples such as Google’s Tensor G3 chip, as well as AI functionality. It’s also expected to be priced similarly to the Pixel 7a from last year, which launched at $499.

With all that being said, he Pixel 8a is shaping up to be a rather interesting handset, as all the info so far points to a device which goes neck-and-neck with the base model Pixel 8. In any case, we’re bound to find out more once Google I/O 2024 takes place this coming May.

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