Google’s Pixel phones just outperformed everyone in the North American markets


Google’s market share in the smartphone space is small, but it was never really the company’s intention to dominate it in the first place. Instead, Google’s Pixel phones (and previously its Nexus series) is more for the company to show off the potential of Android and the tech that they are working on.

That being said, their Pixel phones did show some surprising results in a recent study by Canalys. The study looked at the market share of smartphone brands in the North American market and how many units were shipped in Q2 2023, and interestingly enough, only Google’s phones saw positive growth.

The data revealed that Q2 2023 compared to Q2 2022, Google’s market share saw an annual growth of 59%. What’s interesting is that Google is the only company that had positive growth, and that other larger companies like Apple and Samsung saw negative growth of -20% and -27% respectively.

Google’s market share in Q2 2023 is still a paltry 4% compared to Apple’s 54% and Samsung’s 24%, but the results are still impressive nonetheless. It is possible that the launch of the Pixel 7a during Q2 2023 had something to do with Google’s positive growth, and if that’s the case, we expect the company should perform quite well towards the end of the year where their Pixel 8 smartphones are expected to be launched.

Source: 9to5Google

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