Microsoft is bringing passkeys to Windows 11


The problem with passwords is that they work best when you choose a strong and unique password that’s different for every online service you use. This means that you’ll have to remember each and every single password, which is near impossible, which is also why people tend to use easy-to-remember passwords.

This leaves them open to being hacked, which is why in recent years, we’re starting to see passkeys gain more traction. The good news for Windows 11 users is that Microsoft is finally bringing support for passkeys to its operating system. Passkeys support was initially available in June earlier this year for Windows Insider, but in the latest update, all Windows 11 users should be able to take advantage of it.

According to Microsoft, passkeys will be available for a variety of desktop browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefox, just to name a few. So as long as the website you’re trying to sign into supports passkeys, you’ll be able to take advantage of the login method.

So what are passkeys? For those unfamiliar, passkeys are an alternative to traditional passwords. They don’t require users to remember the password to their accounts because users are authenticated using other devices like their phones. For example, logging into a website that supports passkeys might send a notification on your phone to verify that it is you, and this can be done by using your phone’s security features like facial recognition, fingerprints, or PIN unlock.

In the case of Windows 11, passkeys will be integrated with Windows Hello, which is Microsoft’s biometric security system that relies on either facial or fingerprint recognition, as well as PIN codes.

Source: Microsoft

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