Meta is bringing its metaverse to phones and the web


A couple of years ago, Facebook officially rebranded itself to Meta, and with the rebranding came a focus on the metaverse, or virtual reality. The company later launched the Meta Horizon Worlds, a virtual universe that users with VR headsets could enter, create avatars, and interact with other users.

One of the problems with the platform is that it was limited to users with VR headsets, but Meta has decided to expand its availability and has announced that Meta Horizon Worlds will now be available on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as desktop computers through the web.

Basically users will no longer need to own a VR headset to enter the universe and will be able to create their own avatars using their phones or desktop PCs. It’s kind of strange and a little ironic because what started out as an effort to get more users to hop onto the VR bandwagon has now been set aside.

Without the need for a VR headset, Meta Horizon Worlds just feels like an MMORPG of sorts, similar to other virtual meeting spaces like Habbo Hotel, for example. In any case, for those who are interested, it will only be available to users in Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, UK, and the US for now, so if you’re living outside those regions, you’ll have to wait until Meta expands its availability.

Source: Meta

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