Oppo’s rumored battery replacement initiative is something all phone makers should adopt


Generally speaking, a lot of phones these days are smart enough where it will not overcharge when plugged into a charger. This is important because lithium ion batteries have a set number of cycles before it starts to lose its charge.

This means that the longer you use your phone, eventually it will reach the point where your phone’s battery life is nowhere as good as it was the day you bought it. It’s the natural progression of things, but the good news is that if you plan on buying an Oppo phone, Oppo could replace your battery for free.

This is according to a post by Digital Chat Station on Weibo who claims that Oppo is planning on launching a free battery replacement program starting with the upcoming Oppo A2 Pro 5G.

Keep in mind that this is not the same as Apple’s battery replacement program in the past, where due to the company not being transparent about the throttling they implemented when battery capacity hits 80%, the company offered cheaper battery replacements for affected customers.

Instead, this is said to be an initiative undertaken by Oppo where if your battery capacity drops below 80% during a four year period, they will offer a battery replacement for free. We’re not totally clear on the details yet as the program has yet to be launched, but if this is true, it’s a pretty awesome move on Oppo’s part.

Source: 91mobiles

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