Foldable phones might command a more respectable market share in the next few years


We’re sure that we were not alone when we thought that foldable phones were a novelty when they first launched. At the outrageous prices companies like Samsung are asking for for devices like the Galaxy Z Fold, it’s definitely not geared towards your average consumer.

Fast forward a few years later, foldables look like they’re here to stay. In fact, a recent TrendForce report believes that come 2027, foldable smartphones could command a larger market share of 5%, versus the 1.6% that is currently being estimated for 2023.

Now, 5% is clearly a drop in the bucket compared to your traditional smartphones, but it’s understandable. Once again, pricing plays a huge role in the adoption of these phones, but if this report is accurate, it seems to suggest that it is possible that the foldables market will grow, albeit slowly.

The report also mentions Apple. The Cupertino company currently does not have any foldables of their own, but there have been reports that Apple is exploring the idea, at least according to notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who hinted that Apple could be working on a foldable iPad.

Given Apple’s branding and reputation and its legion of fans, should the company launch a foldable device, it could lend an air of “legitimacy” to such devices and spur further adoption. This is, of course, just speculation, but what do you think? Will the foldables market continue to grow as per the report, or do you think the fad will eventually die down?

Source: TrendForce

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