New Samsung Tech could Lead to a Cooler Tensor Chipset


One of the biggest concerns surrounding Google’s Tensor G2 chipsets and Pixel 7 series handsets is the widely-reported heating issue that has had users scratching their heads. While Google has tried to fix it via software updates, it’s clear that hardware plays a major role in this circumstance.

With that in mind, there have been reports that Google will be addressing the Pixel’s heating problem with new advancements in production. Given that Samsung has a hand in developing the upcoming Tensor chip, it’s expected that Google might use Samsung Foundry’s FO-WLP packaging, according to an online post by tech leaker @Tech_Reve.

Should this turn out to be true, Google could then greatly improve power efficiency and reduce heating problems on the Tensor G3. Aside from overheating issues, users have also reported subpar battery life on Pixel devices including the Pixel 6 series (which debuted with the first-ever Tensor chip), and the Pixel 7 series phones.

Of course at this point nothing is certain, although it would be a great relief for Pixel users if Google does go down this route. The Pixel phones are set to be unveiled on October 4, just a month shy after Apple’s iPhone 15 debut.

Source: Android Police

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