Google Files could soon be smarter at helping you find important documents


The concept of searching for files on your phone or PC is simple at its core. You type in the name of the file and then the system will try to match files that have the same name. While this works fine, it can be time consuming especially if you have multiple files that might use a generic name where depending on the number of files, it could take a while to find the right one.

That seems to be something that Google is looking to fix with the Files app on Android. According to a post on X by @AssembleDebug, Google is apparently working on a “smart search” feature that will somehow be able to identify files that might be of importance to the user.

According to additional details by Android Police, how this smart search works is by running your files through something like an OCR system. This in turn allows the software to identify what it considers to be “important” documents, like scans or PDFs of your passport, your national registration card, drivers license, and so on.

Based on what it deems to be important, it will then display those files in a new “Important” tab at the bottom of the app, giving users quick access to these documents if they need. Since this feature hasn’t been officially launched yet, we’re not sure how this is supposed to work in practice, but it sounds interesting and potentially helpful for users.

Source: Android Police

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