Some people would do anything for an iPhone


A lot of stores, especially those that sell electronic gadgets like phones, usually have security cables attached to these devices to prevent people from just walking off with them. A lot of times, these cables are also made out of some kind of metal, but apparently it did not deter this woman in China.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, a woman from the Fujian province in China was recently arrested after she apparently chewed through an anti-theft cable in the store and made off with the iPhone 14 Plus worth about 7,000 yuan.

It would seem that the alarm in the store went off but staff who investigated the alarm did not notice anything unusual. To throw off any suspicion, the woman pretended to scroll through the phone’s screen and acted casually, but it was only after she left did the staff notice the chewed through cable and the missing phone and make the police report.

It was only after the security footage was reviewed that it was revealed what had happened, where the police managed to track the woman down and arrested her outside her home. According to the statement she gave the police, she had initially planned to buy the phone but after seeing the price, she decided to steal it instead.

Source: SCMP

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