DEAL: The Garmin epix Gen 2 is $200 off right now, so don’t sleep on this epic deal!


While brands like Apple, Samsung, and Fossil are well-known to the average consumer when it comes to smartwatches, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts know that brands like Garmin typically offer them the kind of features, performance, and battery life that they are after.

The only problem with Garmin’s smartwatches is that they tend to lean more towards the pricier side compared to other consumer brands, which is why if you’ve been eyeing a Garmin smartwatch, now’s the perfect time to get one. This is because the Garmin epix Gen 2 is currently on sale in which its price has been reduced by 25%.

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This brings its price down from $799 to a more affordable $599, and you get everything you need from a smartwatch including features such as satellite coverage, navigation with TopoActive, and an awesome 16 days of battery life. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting smartwatch that fits your outdoor needs, this is a deal you won’t want to pass up on!

Garmin epix Gen 2, Premium active smartwatch, touchscreen AMOLED display,...
  • Smartwatch for your athletic lifestyle, featuring 1.3” always-on, bright AMOLED display; select models feature a sapphire...
  • Smartwatch mode battery life: up to 16 days (gesture)/up to 5 days (always-on)

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