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Google’s Nest Aware subscriptions are now more expensive


It is true that these days, outfitting your home with a home security camera system has gotten a lot more affordable as far as the device itself is concerned. The only problem is that many companies are now charging users for subscriptions if they want to store the footage in the cloud and access some other features.

Unfortunately for those who are subscribed to Google’s Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus plans, it looks like the prices will be going up. The company has made some price changes to its subscriptions quietly, where new customers will now have to fork out $8 a month or $80 a year for a Nest Aware subscription, or $15 a month and $150 a year for Nest Aware Plus.

For context, prior to the price hike, Google was charging $6 a month and $60 a year for Nest Aware, and $12 a month and $120 a year for Nest Aware Plus. The markets that will be affected by this change include the US, UK, and Australia. For existing customers, the change in price will be applicable this fall, while new subscribers will have to pay these prices right off the bat.

Google does not mention why they increased their prices, but as with all subscription services we’ve seen in the past few years, price hikes are to be expected so while it sucks, we can’t say we’re too surprised.

Source: PhoneArena

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