Google Bids Farewell to its “Pixel Pass” Service


Just when we thought that things had settled down a bit with the “Google Graveyard” (RIP Stadia), it looks like Google has unfortunately axed another one of its software services. More specifically, Google Pixel pass will soon come to an end, spelling a bit of disappointment for loyal subscribers.

Pixel Pass was a subscription service originally launched back in 2021, alongside the debut of the Pixel 6 series handsets. With Pixel Pass, subscribers were able to pay a monthly fee that covers the latest Pixel model, in addition to Google One, Google Play Pass, as well as YouTube Premium. The closure of this service effectively means that subscribers won’t be able to use it to get the Pixel 8 series – according to Google’s official support page:

We are focused on offering the best value of our hardware products while giving users the flexibility to purchase their favorite services. Going forward, we will continue to evaluate offers based on customer feedback while providing different ways for them to access the best of Google.

Existing Pixel Pass subscribers can expect their subscription to end in two years, starting from their Pixel Pass device shipping date. Of course, there’s no chance to renew once the two year expiration has taken effect. Thankfully though, services like Google One and YouTube Premium will continue to be in effect at a discount, that is until a user decides to fully cancel their subscription.

Source: Google

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